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Skoda Superb

Israeli Traffic Police

Skoda Superb

Car : Skoda Superb 2017

Role : Traffic Police Car

Game Update : 1.50

Special Functions : EL + Sirens

PaitJob : 8K NewArt

  • ❌Do not try to sell the car!
  • ❌Do not try to unlock the vehicle!
  • ❌Do not reupload on other sites.. Do not edit !

You will get a RAR (58.9MB) file

  • Vision® SLR Light Bar

    Emergency lights set

    The rhythm of lights and colors is coordinated with that of the original VISION SL

  • 8K UV MAP


    Realistic design Original EPS files

    Material ORAFOL + reflects light

    Design by NewArt

  • Police equipment

    Motorola radio communication system

    TELKOLD2200 announcement system

    Panasonic tablet with HAVIS stand

  • Car Update

    The mod is updated to game version 1.50

    The mod is also supported in older versions..