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Israeli Border Police

Toyota Hilux

  • Car : Toyota Hilux 2016
  • Role : Border Police Patrol
  • Game Update : 1.50
  • Special Functions : EL + Sirens
  • PaitJob : 8K NewArt

  • ❌Do not try to sell the car!
  • ❌Do not try to unlock the vehicle!
  • ❌Do not reupload on other sites.. Do not edit !

You will get a RAR (205MB) file

  • nFORCE® Exterior Full Size Lightbar

    Emergency lights set

    The rhythm of lights and colors is coordinated with that of the original nFORCE®

  • 8K UV MAP


    Realistic design Original EPS files

    Material ORAFOL + reflects light

    Design by NewArt

  • Police equipment

    Motorola radio communication system

    TELKOLD2200 announcement system

    Panasonic tablet with HAVIS stand

  • Car Update

    The mod is updated to game version 1.50

    The mod is also supported in older versions..


    Resta's car boxes are all designed and manufactured by the company's technical team. The box is mostly made of aluminum